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The home is a very emotional keepsake, and creating designs for its inhabitants is even more emotional. I’m Michael Margerum, an architect in Placentia, CA, and I understand there is more involved than mere shelter. We’re dealing with experiences of memories, childhood, safety, security, family expansion, holiday gathering, childbirth, and new family additions.
In college at the University of Michigan, our design instructor, who eventually became Dean, told us that a house should be designed for making love. Needless to say, at that time, we students were shocked at this application to academic training. Then, he followed up by saying that we knew nothing about making love! What he was referring to was upholding the romanticism and support of love in the design and living experience of “home.”
House With A Car
ADU Project in Long Beach, California
What was more interesting is that when incorporating even a small semblance of this into my client’s dreams, it seems to yield satisfactory results. It may not be evident in the design image, and it may not be a show-stopping presentation, but the expression, for a particular family, has its own meaning and special experience.
Sometimes, the architecture part is easy! It’s getting the husband and wife to agree and make decisions about the future home’s composition. The emerging technologies have provided excellent tools to assist in this venue. Emails, jpgs, faxes, and computer models are great tools for bouncing ideas back and forth until satisfaction is achieved.
Modern Home
ADU Project in Orange, California
With a big-picture sensibility, architecture is not just providing a set of plans but the ability to see the client through to living in the home of their dreams. In America, it is inevitable that the responsibility of assisting in securing that happiness rests with the services of the residential architect. The desire for an ideal home will remain, forever, a human aspiration for all.
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